How to Do Black Magic ?

How to Do Black MagicBlack magic is termed as an art of using supernatural power for selfish purposes. Before going through How To Do Black Magic you must understand the principles that make it possible to implement. It works on the threefold principle. The energy you put into the black magic ritual will come back to you in three fold. Thus to you must first awaken the chakras in your body to minimize the harm that comes along black magic. When you want to understand How To Do Black Magic, you should consult a black magician who is an astrologer too. Being skilled in astrological calculations is crucial for a magic expert.

The planetary hours play an important in magic. Every planet posses a distinct energy and is associated with different spells and rituals. For example – you must consider the position of the sun in a person’s chart when performing black magic for gaining the trust of superiors. For the spell to be effective the sun must enter into the person’s current zodiac sign. The energy radiated by the sun will improve the spell. 

Casting of Black Magic – Step by Step 

A black magic professional indulges in deep meditation for establishing a connection with the paranormal being. It also helps Kala Jadu experts in developing clairvoyance. The most common type of black magic is called ceremonial magic. It involves myriad rituals of calling the spirits from their afterlife for completing the purpose of magic. One of the most common black magic practices is the use of hex, cruses and voodoo doll. How To Do Black Magic will briefly define all of these. 

Your primary step is to decide the purpose, location and target (person on whom you will use black magic). 

The reason for performing a spell can be – 

1.    To talk with someone who passed away. 

2.    To improve your or a loved one’s health i.e. getting a longer life.

3.    Attract a person to you.

4.    To stop someone from harming you or your loved ones.

If you are using magic for a purpose that will not involve harming anyone, switch to white magic.

How To Do Black Magic – The Process 

Follow the process as per the sequence of this Casting Black Magic spells guide. Choose the ritual you will do. Suppose you want to place a hex on a person. Hex bring imbalance in the physical and emotional state of the target. Now you will have to locate the place where black magic ritual will take place. It’s best to go to an uncrowned area. The paranormal activities can’t take place in the presence of human beings. Collect the material you need for conducting magic like candle, herbs, crystals, charm and Hazelwood stick. It’s easy to visualize every step when you have material to execute a ritual. 

How To Do Black Magic with Safety

Draw a pentagram from the Hazelwood stick. You can use a simple stick or a chalk if Hazelwood isn’t available. Step inside the pentagram. Start gathering your inner energy to reach a phase of mild unconsciousness. It will block all your distraction. Recite your spell keeping in mind what you intend to achieve. If you put enough energy into your words instead of spells from others you can create your own. Let the candles to burn down. After you have completed the ritual, patiently wait for the results. If you don’t lose focus during the entire process this How To Do Kala Jadu will be helpful. 

For a voodoo spell, the process remains the same. You’ll just need a doll that would symbolize your target and pins. You have to place the pin in the areas you want to harm the targeted person.  

These steps should not be taken without the help of an expert. How To Do Black Magic mentioned above has been shortened. It does not describe the rituals of magic spells entirely. We do not guarantee the success of the rituals. For complete information about Spell rituals contact our experts. 

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